• A Wave Goodbye

    December is a sort of time of reflection for me, mostly for the current year. My successes, my failures, accomplishments, connections, relationships (work & personal), and how all the above will apply to the next year.

    This is an special year for me as this is the first year I've worked completely for myself ( or trading in 1 boss for 100 bosses). With that said....

    ...Actually, let me save the history lesson. Thank you. Thanks to everyone that has believed in me, educated me, encouraged me, hired me, hired me again. To everyone that has shamelessly and without hesitation posted, resposted, shared, "liked", commented, high fived me, slapped me on the shoulder, given me opportunity, shown me potential opportunity, and of course telling "hey, I've been following your work...". I can't even tell you how gratful I am. I'm full, overwhelmed even, with gratefulness. It's embarrassing that all I can offer is  this cheesy blog post, and short of taking an photo of my heart, it would be next to impossible to explain how full it actually is.

    At the risk of sounding like a politician, 2014 will be even greater, new oppotunities are rising, people I've only dreamed of working with are hiring, new challenges, and greater competition... I can't wait.

    As a word of encouragement to the anyone that might read this and looking back at your own challenges and foward to arising challenges: vaguely, hang in there, you got this.

    To the artist working, creating, losing sleep... hang in there you got this.

    To the unemployed... hang in there you got this

    To the person sitting next to me trying to study for their Accounting finals... hang in there you got this.

    To the person trying to make an impossible situation possible... hang in there you got this.

    Cheesy? Yes. Very much so, but that's ok, because when I was working for $50/week for a camera crew at a local church, just so I could spend the rest of my time learning, refining, observing, arguing my way to an extra point for my last final in college... "hang in there you got this" got me through it.

    Thank you, I'm grateful.